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Inside and Out in NYC

Inside and Out in NYC



Giclee print on watercolour paper.

Only 5 of every photo is reproduced and within each photo, there is an 'addition' to the print that truly makes it a unique, one-of-a-kind, piece of art.


Inside and Out in NYC was taken in 2018 on a getaway trip with my son. While he strongly supported the shop till you drop mentality, I was enthralled at all of the singular moments and layers of society that became so clear to me, looking through every window pane while I waited for my boy.


I discovered the multiverse in every photo, looking inward, while seeing everything going on around me in every reflection I encountered. It was enthralling to see so much vibrancy and life, so many textures, so much light and life reflecting everything, that I knew I had to capture and enhance all of it.

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