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In art photography, editing photographs is part of the creative process, bringing the piece to life.

Artistic photography is a form of self-expression that goes beyond the mere act of capturing an image. It delves into the essence of the moment, offering a glimpse into the artist's soul - to see what they see.

For me, as an art photographer, the power of capturing mundane moments and transforming them into their own source of beauty have always been the driving force that gets me out and capturing images of the world around us. The ability to freeze time and transform ordinary scenes into extraordinary visual pieces so that others can catch a glimpse of something they might have bypassed, is an important aspect of my work as an artist.

However, the transformative aspect of photography doesn't end with the click of the shutter. Post-processing and photographic editing plays a very pivotal role in elevating the captured moment to a work of art. Through careful editing, I work to enhance the emotional impact and feeling of the moment in the image, drawing attention to specific details, or manipulating the atmosphere to convey a desired mood. It's the process of editing that allows me to highlight the mere mundane moment, to that of something which is always present but not often observed or pondered upon.

Editing isn't about distorting the reality but rather about accentuating the essence of that reality. It's about translating the emotions and sensations I felt when taking the photo into a visual language that can be understood and appreciated by others. Through the use of colors, contrast, composition, lighting, and various digital tools, I can breathe more life into my photographs, allowing viewers to connect with the emotions and stories embedded within each image.

And through the art of editing, I can transform these moments into timeless pieces of visual storytelling, captured moments, bringing to light all of the instances we passed by something we thought was ordinary and bringing the beauty to it, making it extra-ordinary, for others to enjoy.

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